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ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems

We have set out to provide a useful guide to explain the benefits of implementing the ISO 27001:2013 standard for information security into your organisation and the best way to proceed.

Information is often vital to the success of many modern organisations and the amount of stored data is ever increasing. It is therefore, prudent to protect this data by implementing an effective ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System(ISMS).

The loss of data by theft, fire or malicious actions can cause major problems to the daily running of organisations. By implementing a well thought through ISMS, you can mitigate the risks and introduce policies that will keep disruption to a minimum.

The ISO 27001:2013 standard is globally recognised and will provide your company with an effective ISMS. The standard is suitable for all types of organisations; SMEs, large corporations, multi nationals, government departments and non-profit and covers all industry sectors.

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Information Security Controls and Management

Information security is not just about choosing the right software and security systems for your business. The ISO27001:2013 standard covers the entire organisation and looks at every area of the business where data is stored in whatever format.

Data loss can be caused in a variety of ways, not just from cyber-attack. Environmental disasters such as floods are becoming more common and theft by employees and poor management can also cause information loss. Security breaches can result in major disruption to an organisation, ruin reputations and have huge financial implications. ISO 27001 certification can help to protect your organisation from these risks.

To achieve the ISO 27001:2013 standard your consultant will work with you on a variety of organisational improvements including; policies, business structure, responsibilities and processes. The aim will be to give you a system which can be monitored, maintained and improved to minimise the risks of information loss and business disruption.

Adopting the ISO 27001:2013 standard throughout your business demonstrates that you have thought about and implemented an independently assessed system for securing and controlling confidential data.

Having a structured system of management for your information will also improve the way you operate, reduce risks to the business and give your customers the confidence that any of their data held by you will be adequately protected.

There are many benefits to implementing an ISMS into your organisation that will not only improve the way you operate but will also have a positive impact on your customer relations and business profitability.

Industry Experienced Auditor

Appointing an assessor or auditor is the first step towards certification. Selecting the right auditor is vital to the implementation of your ISMS. They will not only need to know what is required to meet the standard but also have in depth knowledge of IT systems, database management and data storage as well as a good understanding of your industry sector.

By selecting an auditor with experience of your particular industry, you will benefit from their knowledge and ability to properly assess risks to your system so that you achieve a workable and robust system that adds value to your organisation.

Our assessment process page provides a breakdown of the stages involved.

When choosing the certification company to work with you should always select one of the UKAS accredited certification bodies. For more information about accredited certification please check out the British Government Department BIS for clarification:

Before you consider getting started, talk to us to find out how we can certify your company by completing our enquiry form.

Continual Assessment

Gaining ISO 27001 certification will give you a process of continual improvement that will provide your organisation with the necessary management tools to monitor and improve the security of your valuable information.

Choosing a certification company that understands your industry sector is vital to continually refining and improving a security management system. The system needs to work for your business now and meet your future needs. As technology and legislation is continually changing you will need an ISO certification partner that can advise you of these changes and implement them into your future planning.

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ISO 27001 Information Security Management